I saw a guy this morning. No, this is not nor will it be a post about Love at first sight. 
Instead, this is about the guy I saw this morning and how I might just turn into a creeper. hahaha!
I was sitting by the window on the upper deck of the bus and saw him by the waiting shed/bus stop at Sai Ying Pun Jockey Club. And I thought, Damn, did that guy just come out from an anime?! and I oogled at hime the whole 5 minutes we were at the stop to make sure I have a mental image of him so that I could draw him. 
And, voila, that is my drawing of him. More like, how I remember how he looks like. Now, Ican’t wait to get home to do a coloured and cleaner version. 
I hope he’s by that stop again next week. haha!




when did freddie from icarly get ripped af what the hell

Pics or it didn’t happen


how did this happen….. he must have gotten motivated after his relationships with sam or carly didn’t work out

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It’s the first OFFICIAL Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” Dancing Groot toy, thanks to Funko! Hitting shelves soon…