I’m running to you,
and I hope you’ll be waiting
when I catch back up. Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

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I hate that gif for fitting the song perfectly

That should not have been that fun to dance to

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Cold sweat. Tight chest. Fast breathing.
Not a pleasant thing, nightmares.

They leave you scared and awake in the middle of the night but not knowing why. You wonder what frightened you, but nightmares erase them from your mind as soon as you open your eyes.

I’ve had one before- a nightmare. It was in our old house by the city. I suddenly woke up scared but there was nothing there. The lights in the kitchen were left switched on, and the door to my room was left ajar. Noone and nothing was there. But I felt a faint presence as if Something was there before I woke.

That house by the city, many things have happened. Many nightmares have visited guests. Unwanted guests.

Once, we had guests, a family of three visiting from Canada, stay at that house. Without us knowing, the lady asked a few relatives to stay the night. Nightmare visited her in her sleep. He was mad, she said. He kept telling her that it was all her fault.
Our house has been unoccupied for years and we visit it once a year, but only for a couple of days. Some would say that ghosts would live in a house that has not been lived by humans. But I say, even with us humans, there are things unseen living amongst us already.

We have a house in the mountains. It is a beautiful house. The small town in the mountains was just as lovely. We have a housekeeper in that house, and a dog to keep her company.

I know of a presence in my room. I know her as Sally. I do not communicate with her but she does let me feel her presence every now and then. Sally does no harm to anyone. She slept beside me twice, I felt her small figure pressed down on the mattress. But never nightmares. But she had her presence felt to someone else too. She became a nightmare to an unwanted guest.

A family, relatives of ours, asked if they could stay a few nights in the house by the mountains. We said yes. But we were unaware of another family that will be also staying with them.

My cousins and the daughter of the other family slept in my room. My room was the biggest, they had no problems. Or so they thought. The next day, the girl woke up crying. My cousins said it was a nightmare.

These presence in our houses, they are merely our guards. That’s how my family thinks of them. But for the others, they become nightmares.

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Just a heads up- I’ll be posting scary stories in lieu of Halloween. A very early Halloween. I’m not a fan of anything scary, really. But I just have too much paranormal experiences to share!

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reminder that these trees are full grown. amazing.


a tree is a tree no matter how small